img-about-1Nail & Spa a service provider that specializes in beauty care and beauty service providers manicures and pedicures as manicures, pedicures, animal nail clippers . Typically, a salon manicure also functions but the nail salon is the facility that specializes in this type. Manicures are done at a salon, spa, hotel. People who work at nail salons are usually called employee manicure or nail artist. Professional nail limb is a profession which detailed needs, patience and dexterity

We can say that the service nail salon and beauty care nails, feet. Many women who come to Nails should be noted however that should not disregard the safety of health when it comes to services for dirty instruments and manicure services may shoddy opposite the risk of diseases such as foot fungus, viral hepatitis B and C.

According to one report, in America there are about 9,900 salons (up to 2010) increased by 23% compared to 2007 at most salons in the order in California, Texas and Florida. Many Vietnamese Americans have made ​​to American food industry by henna. Henna fashion, or how many Vietnamese still call "nail," has become the way for thousands of immigrants in the United States rose to become middle class. Low wages, is a factor in the Vietnamese can quickly dominate the industry worth an estimated $ 6 billion in the United States. It quickly became a life, the private life of the Vietnamese community, but also develop a variety of services to Americans.

img-about-2Journal of Nails (Nails Magazine), American Vietnam holds 40% of nail industry in the United States and he Hannah Lee, Editor Nails magazine that dominate the Vietnamese nail industry in the United States. Nearly 50% of facilities in the nail root Vietnam employers or employed by native Vietnamese. About 43% of Vietnamese nail is and this figure at up to 80% in California. Alone in Florida, the Vietnamese owns 62% of the nearly 2,000 nail salons registered activity.

Since the early 1990s, the prevailing manicure began in the northeastern United States by the people of Vietnam from California to see the competition and moved on to do business here. Before the Vietnam dominated manicure, people only see a few rooms manicure by American master. This is an extravagant demands of indigenous peoples. Initially, the price is a competitive advantage of the Vietnamese nail salons. They can get a little cheap because workers hired they accept a lower salary. This means that with a relatively small amount, basic English skills and some skills training in aesthetic, the Vietnamese immigrants can open a nail salon. With a stable of clients that they can earn enough money to buy a home and raise children. Yet the work is not favorable, especially when there are economic difficulties.
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